Chainsaw Safety Training Resources

Classroom Training Materials for Chainsaw Users, First Responders, and Tree Care Workers

1. Chainsaw Safety and Tree Cleanup

(Suitable for All Learners)

This PowerPoint presentation and accompanying script covers the information every chainsaw operator needs to know before turning on the saw. Topics include personal protective equipment, the five essential safety features of a chainsaw, safe carry, safe start, insect pests, site inspection, and electrical/electrocution hazards.

2. Storm Damaged Tree Cleanup

(Advanced Learners Only)

Storm damaged trees are subject to all the perils associated with tree felling and much more. Working conditions may be difficult. Downed trees may be entangled in other trees, or tossed on buildings, vehicles, or wires. Energy stored in compressed limbs and trunks can be release suddenly, explosively, and fatally. Each situation is unique and requires careful consideration. This Powerpoint outlines the iterative Five Step Cutting Plan for storm damaged trees. This plan highlights lean and load and their implications, tension and compression wood, distance release techniques, techniques for handling attached pedestals and root plates, the bore cut, mismatch cut, controlled knee hinge, and the importance of a safe escape route. Some of the methods and techniques are quite advanced and not suitable for all workers.

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